Hearing From Linc Williams And ‘We Are Vapers’

Linc Williams was present at The Vapor Gypsy in Houston recently where he discussed about the proposed regulations, industry standard set and cautionary advice for the ecig industry. When news about Williams’ presence in Houston emerged, vaping readers were reminded about his directed documentary ‘We Are Vapers’.

According to him, he would never say that something is safe. There are always risks such as in drinking Coke and even Diet Coke, but electronic cigarettes are in the order magnitudes of being safer than traditional cigarettes. He added that there are some who believe in a policy that promotes only abstinence and treats anything resembling smoking as bad.

‘We Are Vapers’ Documentary

Williams is also known as Baldgroove in the community of vaping. It was more than two years ago when he announced about the full length documentary film with an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign.

It was January 2, 2012 when the crowd fund started and it ended March 31 of the same year. The hopeful and excited vapers contributed what they can and helped the campaign to raise $21,985 from 102 funders. This is just one proof that despite the differences within the vaping community, vapers could come together in achieving a common cause.

However, more than two years after the funds were raised; anticipation and excitement have all gone away, but the documentary film is still nowhere to be watched. No one is talking about it the way films were talked about in Film Festivals. The website wearevapers.com has been suspended and is no longer online. It is just too hard to believe and to accept that such a feature documentary film will take over 2 years to complete.

Everyone, especially the funders, probably believed they were conned. There was no community buzz about the documentary; yet, Linc was still active in the community. He became involved with more important matters such as causes that will help fight for the right to vape.

He assumed the position as Board Secretary of the board of directors and Consumer Advocate member for AEMSA or American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association.

He has also attended various Listening sessions with and in front of FDA. It was the busy and tough schedule of Linc and the lack of any news about We Are Vapers that caused many to have lost interest and hope for the film.

Update From Linc

Going back to the Indiegogo campaign website for this documentary, you would discover that Linc had posted an update some 6 months ago on January 25, 2014.

Linc thanked everyone who extended help and support for the project. He explained that the process of making the film was challenging, but great. His update stated that Lin has reviewed all 400 hours of footages originally shot.

These include vapers’ stories as well as awesome interviews with scientists and doctors. The documentary’s original intent was to tell the stories of vapers to the whole world. Searching the internet and watching YouTube will provide with all of these stories. This created tension and other compelling threads, Linc said.

He then decided to add certain elements to the movie. He is now working on the addition of a footage that will tell about the American story; of how the industry has transformed people’s lives not just through quitting smoking, but also by giving and providing jobs. To add the tension element, Linc said they will film the reactions of different vendors and people on the imminent regulations.

The project is obviously still in the works. While updates are rather few, some believe that they are still good signs that the documentary is progressing. Linc’s participation in various meets and advocacy activities makes many people to believe that Linc could actually create a film that will satisfy the hoping vapers.