EGO-V Variable Voltage: The Safest In The Market

EGO-V variable voltage has a voltage range from 3-6 volts that you can set at an increment of 0.1 volts.  It is a high quality product that offers safety in vaping.

Device Details

EGO-V Variable Voltage has a 650mAh lithium polymer battery equipped with a protection function; thus offering guaranteed safety. Its button is made from soft silicone. Its high performance battery can offer service life per charge of up to 500 puffs.

Battery size is L114 x 14 mm. The device weighs 62 grams while the whole package weighs 122 grams.  It is a pass-through device, which means it can be safely used even while it is charging via a USB port, wall outlet or even a car charger.

EGO-V might be the smallest variable voltage device, but it is the highest quality in the market. The soft button can be activated with ease.  Just click the activation button 5 times in a row to turn the battery on or off.

Voltage buttons equipped with lock function are also present so you will not accidentally discharge or change the voltage of your battery.  The buttons need only to be pressed 3 times to lock or to unlock.

If you buy the kit, its standard contents are the EGO-V device, USB charging cable, user manual and a gift box.  You need to purchase your preferred e-liquid in order to start vaping after receiving your package.

LCD Display

One of the great features of EGO-V is the LCD display of the battery where you can conveniently see how much power or charge remains in the battery.

Using It With EGO Attachments

Suppose you already have some EGO stuff, what you just need to obtain are EGO-V battery and charging cable. All other EGO attachments can work with the EGO-V battery.  Being a variable voltage device lets you increase or decrease the voltage of your ecig. Remember that the higher the voltage, the more vapors you will get.

Keep in mind that your device must only be charged using the accompanying USB cable and not with other chargers, even if t is an EGO USB charger for other models.